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ave Construction LLC is a North America-based construction services company established in Ellendale Delaware. The company has earned acknowledgement for embarking on large, complex projects, renovating, adopting emerging technologies, and making a change for clients, employees, and the community.

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We deliver success through a four simple step process.

Identify, set and prioritize our customer goals.

Define the project structure.

Create a project schedule and complete job on set schedule.

Present the project to customers and ensure satisfaction.


Here is a list of our services

metal and shingle roof installation

A metal shingle roof replicates the appearance of asphalt shingle, tile shingle, or wood shingle roofing. Metal shingle roofs give homeowners the best of both worlds: the style of a traditional roof with the industrial-strength durability of metal.

Hardwood Flooring installation and repairs.

Wood Flooring Installation means the installation of a wood floor surface, which may be in the form of parquet tiles, planks, or strip wood.

Sanding and Finishing

finish of plastering made by rubbing to a smooth surface the sand or mortar coat.

Indoor and Outdoor Painting

We provide indoor and outdoor painting of any scale to our customers.

Commercial and Industrial Door installation.

We provide door installation of any scale to our customers.

Our Projects

Here is a list of projects we have worked on.

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  • Ceiling Work
  • Flooring

Ceiling Remodeling

Floor Renovation

Floor Renovation

Floor Renovation

Floor Renovation

Floor Renovation

Floor Renovation

Floor Renovation